21 July, 2014

The Pantry Delicatessen

Guess who's back, back again. Deli 's back, tell a friend !

In case you didn’t get it, what I was trying to get at is... The Pantry Delicatessen is back ! Back with a refreshed fit out, the interior is chic and slick with its silky charcoal theme, timber clad walls and warm atmosphere. 

Modelled on the old-style Italian deli, The Pantry Delicatessen specialises in seasonal take-home meals – perfect for those on the go, or those purely just after something quick and tasty. A browse around will find you a healthy range of salads, pastas, wet-dishes, roasts, antipasto items, cured meats, cheeses, baked goods and so much more. Simply put, its restaurant quality food cooked by award winning chefs all packed into a box for your convenience.

My eyes went straight to the crusty traditional loaf of Burnham Bakery Sourdough and an Asian inspired salad incorporating beautiful coconut poached chicken, crunchy slaw and candied nuts. The Ancient Grain Salad was an absolute stunner with its tempting tastes and textures – from the cumin spiced grains, pops of quinoa to the sweet bursts of pomegranate. And to wrap it all up, you can't go wrong with a Jaffa Loaf Cake and Ginger Chocolate Loaf Cake.

It’s not hard to like The Pantry Delicatessen. Prepared with love daily by a team of dedicated and talented chefs, The Pantry Delicatessen offers the perfect option for a healthy and hearty meal.

confessions of a little piggy was invited to takeaway as a guest of The Pantry Delicatessen

The Pantry Delicatessen

1 Church Street 
Brighton, VIC 

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16 July, 2014

Charlie & Co. Burgers

Proudly dreamt and created in Sydney, Charlie & Co. is all about "bringing the good times." Their philosophy ? To bring you the ultimate burger experiences with quality produce, inspiring environment and great service. Let's put them to the test, shall we ?

Mighty Charlie Burger

Not holding back, we went for the Mighty Charlie Burger - an impressive tower of a well seasoned chargrilled Wagyu patty, smokey bacon, fried egg, melty cheddar, sun ripened tomato, sour pickled gherkins, caramelised onions, garden leaves, creamy aioli and Charlie's signature tomato sauce all sandwiched between a toasted artisan bun. Though I was rather downhearted that the egg was overcooked, this burger was still a messy affair and oh so satisfying. 

Parmesan & Truffle Fries

Inevitably, we also indulged in crunchy golden fries with a gourmet touch of parmesan and truffle. It was a shame that these didn't come out piping hot though.

Simply put, Charlie & Co. does a mean burger and only adds to my love for the Emporium. My suggestion is to roll up your sleeves and have plenty of serviettes handy. Expect big flavours and a full belly.

Charlie & Co. Burgers
Emporium Melbourne 
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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11 July, 2014

Kong BBQ

From the brains behind the ever so popular Chin Chin and Baby, now comes Kong BBQ. Positioned comfortably on Church Street, Kong joins a bustling street of crowd pleasers - Top Paddock and Pillar of Salt. Fitted out by designers Eades and Bergman, the 60-seat restaurant is casual - simple yet bold. The menu, inspired by Korean and Japanese flavours focuses strongly slow cooking, the oriental BBQ way. 

Teriyaki Roast Ora King Salmon Ssam Roti Roll

The flavour and texture of Ora King Salmon was full, rich and buttery together with lashings of teriyaki  sauce mingled with the sweet crunch of wok fried Chinese broccoli and tomato. The roti was tender on the inside, soaking up all the sauces, yet the outer layer still crisp and nicely charred. Not exactly a Korean or Japanese inspired dish, but no one’s complaining here. My friend and I fell in love with this dish and had us singing praises for the entire meal.

Kong  Bossam BBQ Tray

I'm a big fan of bossam, mixing and matching bold flavours that you create in your own individual morsel. The gochujang BBQ chicken was delightful, pulled pork a little lifeless, pork belly and crackling absolutely lip-smacking and the beef brisket slightly dry but saved by the coffee infused tomato relish. Together with the fresh lettuce, tangy pickles, wombok kimchi & walnut ssamjang, we had lots of fun playing with your food - in an acceptable way of course. 

At Kong, atmosphere is loud and lively, service fun and friendly, and food marvously mouth-watering. Would I come back you ask ? Puh-lease, that’s not even a question - I’ve already been back for seconds. Kong is King.

Kong BBQ
599 Church Street  
Richmond, VIC 3121

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